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A Brazilian Theatrical Week
in Athens

From 13th to 20th of April, on Biotechnia Theater, we have the opportunity to watch two unmissable performances created and directed by the Brazilian actress and director Jeane Doucas.
Mrs. Doucas earned a scholarship by the Alexander Onassis Public Benefit Foundation, to research Ancient Greek Drama.

As part of her researches, she created two performances: Hecuba’s fragments (directed by Doucas) and If I’m Here, can I be there? (solo, acting by Doucas)

Hecuba’s fragments, a Brazilian Reading on Euripides’ play: an experimental and intriguing adaptation based on Euripides’ Hecuba. The performance explores contemporary theatre language and cross references between cultures, making use of songs, claps and steps from Congado, a feast-ritual done by Afro-Brazilian descendants.
The play’s narrative is a combination of acting, storytelling and songs.
The actors’ work was based on Physical Actions techniques, revealing the actor’s most true and deep feelings and emotions.
Translation: K.X. Miris
Direction, set and costume: Jeane Doucas
Cast: Dimitris Skondras, Mina Antoniou, Sophia Tsiami and Stephanos Spetzieri.
Graphic Designer: Dimitris Skondras

If I’m here, can I be there? A dreamlike trip to the unknown, through images, sounds and poetry:
Our own death is a theme that we all avoid to think about. Perhaps our biggest fear concerns not death itself, but the moment that precedes it. This tenuous line that separates life and death, just before the last sigh, is the theme of this solo performance. Moving through Physical Actions and Butoh dance, Jeane Doucas created a personal way of expression which the power of the body and voice reveal a world that we can only reach through imagination. She was also inspired by the tension between life and death existing in tragedy. Beyond this source, Doucas got inspiration from diverse cultural references, from Brazilian popular songs, to poems by Adolfo Casais Monteiro and Konstantino Kavafis. The texts are spoken in Greek and Portuguese (with translations).

Hecuba’s fragments
13th, 16th, 17th, and 20th April- 21:00 h
If I’m Here can I be There?
18th and 19th April - 21:00 h
Ticket: 10 euros
Local: Biotecnia Theatre
Adress: Sapfoús, 5, 1st floor, Psiri-Athens. Fone: 6979 010364

Contact: Jeane Doucas
Fone: 6979 302667. e-mail:

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